The internet ought to be used for spreading truth not enforcing a bubble

he internet is a tool created for human connection and access to information but paradoxically has made us more insular and blind. If we all agreed on facts as a starting point that would make public discourse much more effective. How do we get there? No idea!

Riots on election results?

I admire immensely both Clinton and Obama’s gracious speeches about unity, healing and their insistence that the rule of law and peaceful transfer of power are hallmarks of the greatness of our democracy….too bad these folks missed the point.

This is why “what happens in your own house matters more than what happens in the White House.” If a kid’s mother and father don’t teach him that he can’t have a tantrum when he doesn’t get his way, he grows up to be the kind of person who destroys other people’s property when his candidate loses an election.

Feminism and stay-at-home-mothers

I was a feminist in grad school. I’m a feminist now. I refuse to jettison the term just because others claim I don’t have the right to it. I claim it for myself. I claim it for all the other mothers who decided to stay home, who made a courageous, conscious decision to care for children in a society that devalues both caregiving and children.

Safe spaces: for the weak-minded

This basically sums up why I find societal trends like “safe spaces” and the inclinations to unfriend others over politics ridiculous and a sign of intellectual pusillanimity!

“We all should be willing—eager—to engage with anyone who is prepared to do business in the currency of intellectual discourse by offering reasons, marshaling evidence and making arguments. The more important the subject under discussion, the more eager we should be to listen and engage—especially if the person in question will challenge our deeply held beliefs, even those that form our identity.”

Feminism and motherhood

Could it be that those 1960 sexual liberation champions were wrong? That sex is most what we crave it to be when it is not used simply as a tool for personal gratification, but as a means for creating a bond between two people and even, new life?

And could it be that we as individuals, both male and female, can find our greatest purpose in serving others rather only trying to build our own empires?